Nirvana Indian Restaurant

Indian Restaurant

Experience authentic Punjabi Indian gourmet in Corvallis for couples and families of all sizes.

Open Hours:
Lunch Dinner 11:00 a. m. to 3:00 p. m.
Dinner 5:00 p. m. to 9:30 p. m.
Lunch Buffet Seven Days a Week. Dinner Buffet Only Saturday and Sunday

1945 NW 9th St Corvallis, OR 97330
(541) 738-6104

" The atmosphere is cozy, the staff is super-friendly and by the end of your meal, as you walk out the door, you'll expect to step onto a busy Indian street.  Blink! You're in Corvallis, Oregon! " Try Nirvana's once and you'll be back again and again.

" Very good food doesn't quite do this food justice. I asked the waiter ( owner?) for his recommendation and he brought me the vegetable samosa to start, then the lamb vindaloo with garlic nan. Just a taste of ice cream to finish the best meal I've had in Corvallis. I hope work brings me back soon."

Steve Andrea

Dinner from Portland,

" This is the best Indian buffet in Corvallis.

The items are delectable, home-cooked delicacies that extend into the "comfort food" category, and their salad selection is really amazing. The naan is wonderfully flavored, and the chai is a great topper to the meal. And the mint sauce is amazing.

They are truly a gift to this town!."

Dan C

Corvallis OR,

At Nirvana Indian Restaurant you will not find just Punjabi Indian cooking, but rather gourmet Punjabi Indian cooking. Families of all sizes as well as couples in the Corvallis area know they are getting the absolute best value.

Best cuisine in "Indian Restaurants"

There are two ways to experience an authentic Punjabi Indian restaurant. One is to hop on an airplane and fly to Northern India; the other, is to go to Nirvana Indian Restaurant in Corvallis.

We deliver to weddings,
student gatherings,
special events,
work meetings,
We deliver all the time to all places.

"I never knew I liked Indian food until I came to this place. The food is absolutely phenomenal and the service is even better. I have become a regular and I would highly recommend Nirvana to anyone."
James Frank
Food Excellent Decor Excellent Service Excellent,

" What a nice bonus for the Corvallis restaurant scene... The food is delicious, and the prices are reasonable. The daily buffet has consistently good choices. The service is tops. I have become a regular, and one can always find Indian people eating there. That tells you something." Gabi Ford,

" The new management at Nirvana is the best! The husband and wife run everything and always keep a big smile on their faces. The food is really good and super fresh! This feels like great home cookin' Indian style. Love it!!."


"One of my favorites!"

"Nirvana is a "go-to" restaurant for me and my coworkers. We eat there almost weekly. The service is exceptional. They tailor our experience to meet our needs (hot naan delivered to our table. yay!) I will continue to go to Nirvana and LOVE IT!"


" Great place! "

" After a day of traveling on a plane, my wife and I stopped here for the first time to pick up a quick dinner to go. While we were making our selections, the staff was very friendly explaining the different entree choices. We opted for the to-go buffet with a variety of entrees and sides for us to choose from. In addition, the chef made some fresh bread for us to take with us. All of the food we picked was hot and tasted great. Will definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for good Indian food in the area." Adam C,

"Awesome place to eat...very very hospitable..and good food:-)"

Sarah Evans,

" This is the best Indian food around and we have tried many places from Corvallis to Portland. Everything we tried was so good. We have taken many people there and they loved it as well. The service was also good but I do recommend ordering from the menu instead of the buffet although the buffet was good for a buffet!" Jessica,

The Nirvana Indian Restaurant is limited up to 72 persons maximum and conveniently located close to Circle Blvd and 9th Avenue across from Market of Choice.